Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everest, Kailash

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everest, Kailash
Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everest, Kailash

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100 Beijing Dong Lu
Lhasa, Tibet, PRC



Situated in the heart of old Lhasa, Shigatse Travels has more than 20 years experience in organizing and operating tours throughout Tibet. Dedicated to quality service, Shigatse Travels caters both to individual travelers and to groups of any size.

Itineraries can be designed for all areas of the Tibetan Plateau - from Kailash and Guge, even as far as Kashgar in the west to Kham and Amdo in the east; from the northern Changtang to Everest and Nepal. All trips are individually designed and tailored to your specific needs and interests - cultural tours, trekking, camping, sightseeing, hotel and guest house accommodations and transport.

Shigatse Travels was established in 1980 and continues to grow as it operates as a joint-venture between its Tibetan founder and Dutch and American partners. Private, customised tours and handelled personally from our Lhasa office by Tibetan Expeditions.

The joint venture also enjoys a long-lasting partnership with Royal Mountain Travel in Nepal and long term relationships in the United States, Canada, Holland, Russia, Vietnam and Australia among others.

Tibetan Hotpot dinner at a local Tibetan restaurant may be enjoyed on your last night in Lhasa for all private tours as well as for group departures to Mount Kailash

Our Associates

Tibetan Expeditions
Small group and private tailor made tours and expeditions in Tibet, Bhutan, China and Mongolia.
Regular group departures to Kailash & the Guge Kingdom, Central Tibet & Ocerland to Kathmandu

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everest, Kailash

Royal Mountain Travel
Private, tailor-made and group tours and treks in Nepal and India. Also mountainbiking, jungle safaris and rafting. Regular group departures of Annapurna & Everest treks.

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everest, Kailash