These photos have been taken over our years of traveling in Tibet
and are available as postcards for sale in Dunya Restaurant & Bar

above: Khampa woman on pilgrimage to Lhasa
below: Sokshan Valley (east Tibet)
above: Old monk in Lhasa
below: Nomad girl at Tingri
above: monks debating at Sera, near Lhasa
below: Young boy on pilgrimage to Lhasa with his family
above: Thangka Festival, Ganden Monastery (central Tibet)
below: Traditional 108 braids
above: Women in Rioche (east Tibet)
below: Stunning scenery of Sokshan Valley (east Tibet)
above: Khampa man in Shigatse
below: Nomad woman spinning prayer wheels at Kumbum (Qinghai)
above: Young monk at Kumbum Monastery (Qinghai)
below: prayer flags atop a pass
above: Nomad family on pilgrimage to Lhasa
below: Nomad woman on Yak, northern Tibet

above: Monk counting prayerbeads, Samye



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