Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset Kailash

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset Kailash
Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset Kailash

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Camping is an option for trips to remote western Tibet - Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar and Guge if you are a large Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset Kailashgroup (eg. 8 or more people).

All camping equipment, except for your sleeping bag, is supplied. This includes 2-man tents, bed mats, dining tent, toilet tent and cooking equipment.

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset Kailash

Ganden Samye Trek
5 days

Lhasa- Ganden - trek - Samye

From the ruins of the great monastery of Ganden head for the high valleys. The scenery is spectacular and herders are often camped beside the small lakes and streams, their herds of sheep, yak and goats scattered across the high pastures. The end of the trek brings you to Samye. On the banks of the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra), this Tibet’s oldest monastery and one of its most beautiful. Moderate-strenuous


All grades of trek are available, from day-hikes to extended mountain expeditions.
As with all itineraries you can choose between deluxe options and taking the bare minimum.

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset KailashMost of the Tibetan Plateau is above 3000 meters,andmuch is considerably higher. The effects of altitude must be considered when designing any trek

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset KailashDorje Drak Trek
4 days

A trek through the valleys and farming villages around the base of Mindrok Tsari (5400). Offers a glimpse of both the nomadic lifestyle as we cross alpine gasslands and the traditional village life and farming methods of rural Tibet. Visit Dorje Drak, built into the granite cliffs and end by crossing the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra). Moderate

Mindrok Tsari Trek
3 days

A 3 day trek through the valleys of the 5400m Mindrok Tsari. Along with the stunning views this is an area of many nomad camps where you will be invited for tea and possible cheese and yoghurt. This is also the realm of the blue sheep, eagles, marmots, pika and, of course, many yak. On day 2 you have the option of heading for the peak. Moderate


Camping trips are accompanied by a cook and all meals are included - a mixture of Tibetan, Chinese and Western dishes.
Boiled water is available morning and evening to re-fill water bottles.

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset Kailash

Trekking - Kaialsh & EBCMount Kailash
Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse-Sakya-Kailash-Lake Manasarovar-Nyalam-Kodari-Kathmandu
(15 days)

add The Guge Kingdom and Khyunlung
(19-20 days)

Kathmandu-Nyalam-Paiko Tso-Saga-Kailash-Saga-Nyalam-Kathmandu (12 days)



A support truck transports all your food and equipment and, whilst trekking, porters and/or yaks carry everything you need - you just carry your day-pack with water, camera and anything else you may need whilst trekking.

Experienced Tibetan trekking guides accompany all treks.


Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset Kailash

Drip Valley day hike

Explores the life-style of rural Tibet on this day-hike through the farming villages of the Drip Valley. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, visit their small monastery and be invited into local homes to share butter tea, yoghurt and perhaps barley beer. Low- Moderate

Tibet tours, treks, travel. Everset KailashPabonka day hike
A day hike along the ridges north of Lhasa (average alt 4160m). Pabonka, one of Lhasa's oldest monasteries, is the start point. It is then a steepish climb to Tashi Choling and on to Chupsang nunnery. Pass hermitages and small monasteries with stunning views over Lhasa. Moderate




Responsible Trekking
It is of great concern to us that we trek with respect towards the very fragile Tibetan environment as well as the well-being of the nomadic communities through whose territory we trek, hence group size is limited to 6-8 (depending on trek).

Much of the proceeds from these treks are used to help the nomadic communities; both to protect them culturally and meet their needs through medical, educational and winter aid programs, Yak breeding projects in areas of Ngari prefecture and in aiding those nomads who have become semi-settled to acquire new skills to help them generate income appropriate to their new life-style.