Tibet Festival tours

Tibet Festival tours

Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse- Lhasa


8 days

What you will See & Do

The highlights of Central Tibet - visit the great monasteries of Lhasa and Shigatse including the Potala Palace, Jokhang temple and Tashilumpo, residence of the Panchen Lamas. And marvel at the stunning scenery of Yamdrok Tso (the Turquoise Lake), high mountain passes and glaciers as well as the historic centre of Gyantse with its famous Kumbum.

Time your tour to include one of Tibet's great colourful festivals. Some Tibetan festivals are secular with religious elements (such as New Year), others purely religious; some are celebrated throughout the Tibetan world, others specific to a region or a particular monastery. Tibetan festivals are a true reflection of the region's culture and traditions, offering a unique glimpse into the lives of the Tibetan people. From the lively New Year celebrations to the solemn Butter Lamp Festival, there is something for everyone. Witness the pageantry, dance, and religious rituals of the festivals first-hand, as locals dress in their traditional attire and gather to celebrate.
Depending on the date/festival, spend an additional night in Gyantse or Shigatse to enjoy the festival here, spend the day in Lhasa joining locals in the park areas to watch Tibetan opera or make a day trip to either Ganden or Tsurphu to watch giant thangkas be unfurled along with traditional cham dancing.


Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa – transfer to hotel

Arriving in Lhasa, visitors will be greeted by the stunning natural beauty of the Tibetan plateau. The city is situated at an altitude of over 3,686 meters above sea level and is home to many significant cultural and historical sites. Transferring to the hotel catch your first glimpse of the city and its unique architecture, which is heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.
Your arrival day is relaxed with no set activities in order to allow your body to adjust to the effects of altitude. A welcome dinner is included this evening.

Day 2: Lhasa Sightseeing – visit Drepung, Nechung & Sera

Drepung Monastery is one of the largest monasteries in Tibet and was once the home of the Dalai Lamas before the Potala Palace was built. The monastery features impressive architecture and houses several important religious artifacts, including a massive statue of the Maitreya Buddha.

Nechung Oracle Temple is located near Drepung Monastery and is an important religious site in Tibetan Buddhism. The temple is dedicated to Nechung, the state oracle of Tibet, who is believed to be a spirit that advises the Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama on important matters.

Sera Monastery is another important monastery in Lhasa and is famous for its unique debating culture, where monks engage in lively debates to refine their knowledge of Buddhist philosophy. Visitors can witness the debates and explore the monastery's impressive architecture and religious artifacts.

Day 3: Lhasa Sightseeing – visit Potala, Jokhang & the Barkhor

The Potala Palace is a massive fortress-like structure that dominates the Lhasa skyline. It was the winter palace of the Dalai Lamas and contains a complex of chapels, halls and rooms that are richly decorated with frescoes, carvings and sculptures. Explore the many levels of the palace, including the Red Palace and the White Palace, and admire the stunning views of the city from the rooftop.
The Jokhang Temple is considered the spiritual heart of Tibet, located in the heart of Lhasa. It is one of the oldest and most revered temples in Tibet and is known for its impressive architecture and religious artifacts. Amid the many shrines and statues of Buddha witness the daily rituals and offerings made by devotees.
The Barkhor is a bustling marketplace and pilgrimage route that circles the Jokhang Temple. It's one of the oldest and most vibrant areas of Lhasa and is a great place to buy traditional Tibetan goods such as prayer flags, incense and handicrafts. You may also ask your guide to visit a nunnery, Tibetan Medical Institute, art workshops ...

Day 4: drive to Gyantse via Yamdrok Lake

A full days’ drive with many photo stops, follow a spectacular route to Gyantse. From the top of the Kamba Pass (4794m) the views of the turquoise lake, Yamdrok-Tso are unforgettable. The road winds down and along its shores via the small town of Nangartse before climbing again to the Karo La (5054) and the glaciers of Mt Nojin Kangtsang.
For those interested, it is an option to take a short detour to the spectacularly sited Ralung, principal seat of the Drukpa Kagyu.
Gyantse was once of major importance as a trading centre on the routes between India, Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet and China, its imposing fort, Gyantse Dzong, dominates the skyline.

Day 5: visit Pelkhor Choede & Gyantse Kumbum - drive to Shigatse - visit Tashilumpo Monastery

Pelkhor Choede is a unique blend of Tibetan and Nepalese architectural styles was established in the C15th as an ecumenical community, eventually comprising 18 colleges representing different traditions of Tibetan Buddhism – Gelukpa, Karma Kagyu, Sakyapa, Shalupa, Drukpa Kagyu …
Within the complex stands the Gyantse Kumbum, a large and impressive chorten (stupa) containing over 100,000 images and is considered one of the best examples of Tibetan art.
The drive to Shigatse takes travellers along a valley filled with farmlands and small villages. Shigatse is the second-largest city in Tibet and is home to Tashilumpo, one of the largest and most important Gelugpa monasteries in Tibet. Depending on timing, visit this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Day 6: drive back to Lhasa along the Brahmaputra River

Re-join the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra River) for the return drive to Lhasa. If you are interested a visit to Yungdrungling, a Bon monastery on the north bank of the river, can be included – provided you let us know when you book.

Day 7: Festival

Re-join the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra River) for the return drive to Lhasa. If you are interested a visit to Yungdrungling, a Bon monastery on the north bank of the river, can be included – provided you let us know when you book.

Day 8 Departure

Transfer to the airport or station for your departure.

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