Tibet Tour – Road to Kashgar

Tibet Tour – Road to Kashgar

Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse- (Everest) - Mount Kailash - Lake Manasarovar - Guge Kingdom - Ali - Rutok - Kashgar


4 days

What you will See & Do

One of the most incredible overland journeys it is possible to make, but be warned, it is a long way and is not a cheap trip.
As well as the great sights of Lhasa & central Tibet travel west (optionally via Mount Everest & Paiku Tso grasslands) to Mount Kailash & Lake Manasarovar.
Marvel at the stunning art of the Guge Kingdom, the stupa at Tholing perched above the Sutlej River, the caves of Dungar & Piyang.
Cross the upper reaches of the Indus before stopping at the ancient ruins of Rutok and the vast Pangong Lake which straddles the border with Kashmir before heading north into Xinjiang.Embark on a truly epic overland journey through the heart of Tibet, but be prepared for the long haul and the expenses involved. Explore the awe-inspiring sights of Lhasa and Central Tibet before venturing west to the sacred Mount Kailash and the pristine Lake Manasarovar. Discover the stunning art and architecture of the Guge Kingdom, including the incredible stupa at Tholing perched high above the Sutlej River, and the ancient cave temples of Dungar and Piyang. Journey through the upper reaches of the Indus River and explore the ancient ruins of Rutok, before marveling at the vast and breathtaking Pangong Lake that straddles the border with Kashmir. Finally, cross the border into the rugged and mysterious Xinjiang region, where you can discover the unique culture and landscape of this remote corner of China.

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